Documenting the lives of Denver’s hidden homeless, helping people see past the stereotypes and better understand the hidden homeless in their community.

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The Goal:

To understand, document, and share the stories of real homeless people hidden within our community.

The Short Version

Jason K Powers has partnered with Denver’s Road Home on a long term project to document the lives of the hidden homeless in Denver. To the public, there is a generalization of what a homeless person is or looks like. Stereotypically speaking, one might automatically think of a homeless person as a male with either a mental health or substance abuse issue. There have been plenty of stories put out over the years on these stereotypes, and we would like to focus on some of the remaining types of homeless people… what one might call the hidden homeless. Our objective is to help debunk that stereotype thinking among the general public.

The idea is to select various types of people experiencing homelessness and spend a half day, full day, 24, 36, or 48 hours with as many of our homeless neighbors as possible. During the time spent with them, Jason would live with them on the streets, eat with them as they eat, experience what they experience, sleep where they sleep. All the while, learning their story, and photographing their everyday life through the time spent with them. The intent would be to get a full perspective of what the hidden homeless face on a day to day basis.


Partnering Organization:

Jason K Powers will be working side by side with Denver local non-profit, Denver’s Road Home, on this project. A portion of all proceeds from the book will go back into the non-profit to continue helping the homeless community in Colorado.

Denver’s Road Home is an initiative of the City and County of Denver, started in 2005 by then Mayor Hickenlooper, with the “10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.” Utilizing and bringing together a large network of homeless organizations in the Denver area, DRH works to help the homeless in the areas of employment, mentoring, temporary and permanent housing, and so much more.